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Welcome to this week's blog post. We've seen some of the comments that you have sent to us on social media regarding our last couple of blog posts about the various categories in our Wiki.


It appears that they've been a useful tool to find out the different product and historical information about everything Eames.


As a result, we thought about another section that may not get highlighted as often as some of the other categories like; shell color and different chair types.


As you may have already guessed from the blog post title, this section is the children’s designs!




When it comes to Eames products for Children, there’s certainly a lot more variety than you may think. 


On Eames.com, there’s information about categories such as Eames Toys & Games as well as Children’s furniture


Both of which have some great information about the products and their history behind them!

House of Cards


One of the most well-known Children's games that were designed, was the ‘House of Cards'. 


This game consisted of a deck of different patterned cards where the 2 pre-cut slots in each of the four sides of the card, meant you could construct many shapes. 


The concept of this game was for the child to use their imagination and create different things such as buildings and towers by slotting the cards together.



Alongside the standard House of Cards, there was a larger version released called the ‘Giant House of Cards'. This version is very rare nowadays and as a result, they are a collectible which makes them very highly valued. The House of Cards has had a very long market-life and they are still available, even today!


Nested Child’s Chair


This particular piece, also known as the ‘Heart Chair' was first released in 1945. 


Made from two sections of five layers of molded plywood, the Eames nested Children's Chair is one of the rarest collectible Eames pieces that can be found today. 


An interesting fact about this chair is that it was the very first Eames designed chair for the commercial market.


As you can tell from the image, this piece is very small. But really how small is it? 

Well the great thing about our Wiki tool is, once you are on the ‘Eames Nested Child's Chair’ sub-category and you scroll down, you can find all the particular measurements and a clear breakdown of what went into the making of the Heart Chair. 


In addition to this, this page on the Wiki will provide you the buying tips as well as the authenticity of the product.

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Once you're on the homepage on Eames.com, click the ‘Wiki' icon in the top right-hand corner. The Wiki page will have a variety of categories, one of them being the ‘Designs Children'. Once you click on this category, you can go through any Children's furniture, toys, and games you wish!

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