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This week’s blog post is about the American Design Auction by Wright20 Auctions where some of the iconic pieces on the Eames.com Marketplace are listed.

Who? Why?


You might be asking who's Wright20? Why Wright20? They have been a "leading auction house specializing in 20th-century art and design". 


There are many vintage auction houses around the world, but Wright auctions have been around for over 20 years and have made a total of $375 million in sales over the years. 


They have experience with over 250 auctions, including this American Design Auction which ends on 12/09/2019.


                                          Creative & Authenticity


Most auctions list the items and wait for them to be sold and solely that. The American Design Auction, however, is an auction who values the presentation and creativity. 


This not only creates a positive image for Wright20 as an auction house, but it also helps the sellers to sell their items quickly and easily. 


Whether it’s a painting, a furniture piece, ornament, they make sure that it's an aesthetically pleasing statement piece and ensure that it's authentic.


Eames Auction


This section on the American Design Auction website promotes everything, Eames. You can find Eames pieces such as paintings, films, speakers and chairs and more. Several of those Eames pieces on the auction website are from the Eames.com marketplace.


The great thing about this auction is it allows you to find some amazing vintage Eames pieces for fantastic prices. When buying a piece like this, although you’re spending money, you have to see it as an investment. The longer you keep your Eames piece, the higher it will increase in value!

American Design


There are a variety of Eames pieces on the auction website, and we feel that this is a good thing because many of you may be into different types of furniture and artwork. 


You will find pieces such as LCW Chairs, Alexander Girard Paintings, Stephens Tru-sonic Speaker, and a number of films by Eames. 


If you do need any product information which is not on the Wright Auction website, feel free to use the Wiki tool on Eames.com which will provide you with all the key information about pretty much everything Eames.





We mentioned towards the end of last year that Eames.com as a marketplace would be getting involved with several projects.


Since then, we've been to a number of exhibitions and met many of you, we're currently running a competition on the Eames House Bird where you can win one of your own. 


Now we are collaborating with a well-renowned auction house for you to have the opportunity to win your bids and get some fantastic pieces.

Our objective is that we involve our users in a lot of what we do because it allows us to create content on what we're passionate about, such as articles, blog posts and listings. At the same time, you, our audience, get some interesting content and some fantastic pieces you can buy for your home or space.


Click here to visit the Wright20 auction house website and view the lots today.


The closing date for the auction is the 9/12/2019.


We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post, good luck!


Until next time, have fun browsing!