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This week's blog post will be dedicated to the famous Eames House Bird. We have a whole article regarding this piece on the Eames.com wiki where it contains more in-depth information.


What is the Eames House Bird?


You may have never heard of this bird so this may be insightful for you as to why it’s valued so highly. 


Alternatively, if you are aware of what the Eames House Bird is, you’ll know that it was made from Solid Wood, which was painted black. 


It had a perfect balance of matte finish and gloss finish. The ornament had a standing height of 10.86” (27.6cm) which meant that is was practical to have it in any home or space due to its adaptable size. 

Not too big and not too small. The ones that are available to purchase today have that blend of matte finish in combination to glossy to give it a vintage look, thus giving it a resemblance to the original bird. Read more about this in our wonderfully created article here.

                                                  Eye Catching Bird


You could ask, why was the Eames’ so into having this bird in their home? There were many possible reasons. First of all, you have to take into consideration the intricate carving that it took when creating the initial shape and then to finish it off.

Although it’s a simplistic looking ornament, it took a lot of precision when making the Eames House Bird. All of these reasons could be the reason why the Eames’ wanted it in their home.


As you can see in the image to the side, although some may say that this bird has randomly been placed on this vintage looking rug, it’s artistic and unique. 


Some may however say that it looks misplaced. But what’s happening through this bird, is that there is conversation being made. 


It sparks conversation and discussions where questions are always asked.



Where and Why?


On the topic of questions, we here at Eames.com wanted to ask you a specific one. If you had this bird, where would you have it and why? Maybe this might spark some ideas in your head as to why Charles and Ray Eames wanted this Eames House Bird in their humble home.


This follows through nicely with something that Team Eames.com have been planning to do for a little while for our users, readers and audience! 


We’re holding a competition for you to have the chance to actually WIN this eye-catching bird.

                                                Competition Time!


Due to this Bird being a piece that could look good in many of your homes, we wanted to allow you to own one of your own! 


At Eames.com, we are all about our users learning about Eames pieces and finding it convenient to buy and sell in our Marketplace. 


A new phase we want to open up to you is where we hold various competitions where it allows you to win an Eames piece, in this case, the Eames House Bird.


What do you have to do?


We want to know where you would put the Eames house bird if you were to win it. Whether it's somewhere in your home, your office or living space, we want to see. 


All you have to do is upload a picture of the space you will put it in, and hashtag; #Eamesbirdchallenge and #Eamesfurniture. 


You have to also be following us on Instagram or Facebook.


We will pick the winner from either Facebook or Instagram. So if you only have one of the two platforms, you've still got as much of a chance to win the competition as somebody else. 


We will pick the winner at random so just be as creative as you can with it, but most importantly, have fun! 


We will be picking the winner of the competition on Thursday 31st October 2019. You might just find that you've received a treat for your Halloween this year! 


Once you receive the prize, send us a picture of where you put it and we will put it on our social platforms! And that's it.


We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post, good luck!


Until next time, have fun browsing!