Scarily Great Offers


Have you ever been shocked because of how good an offer was, on something you’ve really wanted to buy? 

I think we all have at some point. I guess the truth is, we all love scarily great offers! Even more so during the Halloween period when Christmas is just around the corner.

Here at Eames.com, we love Halloween. We love the odd but interesting combination of colors that comes with Halloween. For example, the pumpkin orange decoration, blended in with the Frankenstein green & blood red themed illumination you see everywhere. 

We took a look at some of the Eames pieces that are available in our marketplace, which also fit in with the theme of Halloween as a whole, and even we were ‘shocked' at the coincidence!

Orange 1960s Herman Miller Eames DSW Dowel Side Chair


We will start off with the orange 1960s Eames DSW Side Shell chairs. The vibrant orange color fiberglass side shell puts a smile on more than just pumpkins!

This particular piece originates from Herman Miller's Cincinnati factory, which is what the initial ‘C' indicates on the underside of the shell. 

But another reason why the DSW side chairs are so popular is that they come in a number of different shell colors, one of the colors being the Cadmium Green version, which leads us onto our next piece.



Cadmium Green 1950s Herman Miller Eames DSW Dowel Side Chair


Caught in our web is the Cadmium Green 1950s Eames DSW Side Shell Chair that possess a supernatural appearance!

The green really brings out the glass fibers on the shell which are one of the key reasons as to why this piece is so popular. 

You can find this chair currently on our platform in a super spooky condition!

We guarantee that whether you decide to match it up with a theme of your room or want to buy something to stand out and look different, this chair should definitely do the trick. 

Oops... I mean, treat.

Red 2010s Herman Miller Eames LCW - Ply Lounge Chair

But we cannot finish off this blog without showing off the bright red Eames LCW Ply Lounge chair. 

This piece has been bubbling away for the last 5 years but, regardless of it being one of the newer chairs in our marketplace, the vibrant red gives it that edge that makes this chair stand out. 

Now obviously we've picked these pieces out because of the occasion, however, there is a large variety of those types of furniture on our website. They come at different prices, colors and styles. But the one thing they all have in common is the quality they all possess. 

So we hope you enjoy your Halloween night and that you ‘treat' yourself to the comfy and stylish options available in our marketplace this winter!

Sleep tight fellow readers… until next time.

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