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In this week's blog post, we want to highlight a very interesting section in our Wiki about the Range of Stephens Tru-sonic Speaker.


This speaker was a collaborative design by Charles Eames, the Eames Office and Stephens Tru-sonic and it was released in 1956. This unique looking piece was made to sonically sound impeccable, while also looking like an eye-catching statement piece. We can clarify that it's achieved both of those objectives!


The intricate level of work that went into the design of this speaker in 1956 was impressive, but the look wasn't designed overnight. It took the Eames Office for a very long time, working closely with the Stephens engineers to ensure all bases were covered with the design and sound quality.


You may notice the swivel base on the speaker and it almost resembles the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. This influence on the Stephens Tru-sonic speaker gives it that homely comforting feeling, while still being a relevant piece to your home.

The Eames E-1 and E-2 Stephens Tru-sonic Speakers


Both the E-1 and E-2 speakers were the first to be released in the generation of Stephens Tru Sonic Speakers


They were the same speakers sonically and looks-wise, but the only noticeable difference was that the E1 was faced white with a black grill and the E2 was faced Black with a white grill. 


They were both had a wood casing in either black or white, White or black Micarta Fascia and they both had either swivel base or Alu Leg Base depending on the sizing.




The Eames E-3 Three Way Stephens Tru-sonic Speaker


The great thing about this edition was that its objective was to disperse the sound throughout the space that the speaker was in. 


The clarity of the sound would reach parts of the room that a regular speaker would not be capable of doing. 


It achieves this by utilizing three separate speakers, but the only difference with this model compared to the E-1 and E-2 was that it was not made available on the swivel base.


The Eames E-4 Quadreflex Stephens Tru-sonic Speaker


The Eames E-4 Quadreflex model was certainly the most popular speaker out of the range, mainly due to its stylish look. 


It became the face of the Eames Tru-sonic speaker, and they have appeared in several auctions and secondary markets. 


This particular generation was made from rare hardwood finish in Walnut, Birch, Paldao, fascia in white micarta and black Saran grille, on swivel base or Wood Base.



Buying Tips and Authenticity


How do you know can you define the authenticity of the Eames Stephens Tru-sonic speaker


Our Wiki tool provides all the technical and historical information you would need when purchasing or even selling the Tru-sonic speaker. 


There is in-depth information about the value of each model and how to recognize authenticity through the price of the speaker.

Our Wiki is a great informational segment, for many Eames pieces, including this Stephens Tru-sonic Speaker range. Simply go into our Wiki which can be found in the toolbar on the top page, scroll down to "Accessories" and you'll find the section for the Stephens Tru-sonic speaker range there.


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