Welcome to the eames.com library, the free online high resolution reference section for original period ephemera for all things Eames!

Our Eames Wiki was written and researched thanks to the physical handling of literally thousands of original and authentic Eames designs over a great many years. From toys to paintings, shell chairs to speakers, we have been fortunate enough to feel that history in our very hands. The Wiki focus is and always will be, on the physical design that found its way to the marketplace, its evolutions, and developments. We, as enthusiasts, as buyers or sellers, want (and need) to know when something was made, how to recognize its age, its finish or its value. We leave books and volumes to tell you the technical how’s and who’s and focus instead on the when’s and the what’s! When did a label change? What colors were available and when? What is a generation and how do I recognize when my Eames piece was made? is it authentic?

But where to fill in the gaps? After all, even those who handle these pieces daily cannot possibly know it all! This is where the importance of Ephemera comes in! There is no better record of a design than in the pages of original Herman Miller (and others) brochures & catalogs, charting the launches, the end dates, the options, and their changes over the many years. They are literally a historical record of all things product! Coupled with period publications, print ads, films, exhibitions and more, there is a mid-century time capsule to discover.

Our library has had Eames relevant pages digitized in high resolution so even the smallest of prints can be read. Read, research and enjoy the original articles in print found here today.