Name: Alexander Girard Aluminum Shelving

Date: 1957

No. Pages: 1

No. Eames Pages: 1

Synopsis: The Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa) played a significant part in the design evolution of the 1950’s. This malleable raw material would be the basis of the hugely successful Eames Indoor Outdoor range (Later known as Aluminum Group) as well as the range of contract bases for tables and chairs. Eames, Girard, Nelson and Herman Miller had a close relationship with Alcoa leading to stunning designs. This ad is quintessential Girard at his absolute best, with a clever design splashed with color and curiosities, with his quip ‘where beautiful things will find their perfect setting in endlessly variable interiors of Aluminum’. Those searching for the Eames relevance in the ad will spot the text in the bottom right which denotes the photography is by Charles, yet another collaboration between him and his great friend and peer.

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