Name: Sculptured Plastic Chairs from the Eames Collection

Date: 1960’s

No. Pages: 1

No. Eames Pages: 1

Synopsis: ‘The graceful, moving, gypsum desert is not for sale. But the Eames chair is’ - could certainly be one of the most profound print ads produced by Herman Miller. Dominating the page is a beautiful color photograph of the dunes which make up part of the White Sands National Park, the largest gypsum desert in the world, located in New Mexico. Directly under the photo is a group of Eames DAX armchairs with the poetic like line. The goal of the advert is to draw association between a natural wonder and beauty with the ‘sculpture’ of the product, the Eames chair. It delivers a connection that equal beauty may exist within this design, that it is also as wondrous, as beautiful, and that you can own it.

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