Name: Multi Products – A Herman Miller Print Ad

Date: 1955

No. Pages: 1

No. Eames Pages: 1

Synopsis: One of a series of multi-product full page print ads, this one showcases the huge commercial success of the Eames plywood DCM dining Chair to make a headline impact. The multi-product print ads were clever as their layout mimicked the style of most publications from the period with interspaced columns and sections. This creates the illusion that the page is content rather than paid advertising. The multi-product ads were released to coincide with the launch of Herman Miller’s latest hardback catalog, in 1955, and a side section is dedicated to highlighting it. But most significant is the enshrined section at the top with the bold statement ‘you are looking here at the posterior of what is probably the 20th century’s most famous design for accommodating posteriors – the original Eames Chair’. High praise indeed for a chair which by this point was a raging commercial success.

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