Name: Greyhound Package Express

Date: 1970

No. Pages: 1

No. Eames Pages: 1

Synopsis: As an advert in print, one could certainly say this one precedes its time. The infamous Greyhound Express has ferried passengers between towns and cities for decades and is synonymous with interstate travel and been many the subject of both movie and song. This ad however is for Greyhound Package Express, a unique courier service delivering parcels across the country via the bus network. It even boasts that some deliveries can be ‘the same day’ in 1970! The ad is humorous, with a fictional situation of a 6ft cardboard cut out that requires urgent sending, invoking the idea that there is nothing that cannot be sent via this service. Whilst the ad may be for Greyhound courier services it utilizes the backdrop of a modern office with an Eames Aluminum Group Lounge Chair behind the desk.

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