We love Christmas, you love Christmas, we all love Christmas!


It’s that time of year where everyone comes together to celebrate the festive season. 


The beauty of Christmas is, regardless of how stressful the preparation process can be, we manage to get there in the end and spend time with our loved ones.


Irrespective of how good you are at wrapping gifts, (FYI, the team at Eames.com are practically experts), the hardest bit can be to buy the actual gifts. 


This can be due to a number of reasons such as; you're not sure how to look for gifts, you don’t know where to start looking, or it may just be that the person(s) is difficult to buy a gift for.

                                 Sentimental Gifts


At Eames.com, we have a catalog of products for you to choose from, which will provide that sentimental feeling to whomever you gift it to. 


Our revamped website is still relatively new, so we are regularly updating our marketplace with new products from our sellers.


If you sign up to the newsletters on our website, we will keep you updated of the products that may be of interest to you in our marketplace.

                                   For the Children


In the new year, we will have sellers who will sell more Eames children's toys, along with Eames furniture that's specifically built for children. 


Furthermore, when it comes to buying gifts, you want to buy something for a loved one that they can look at and instantly be reminded of you. 


Something that provides the feeling of comfort but also looks great in their home.


Loungers for the Winter? Yes, please!


The first thing that comes to mind is the range of Loungers and Ottomans we have in our marketplace. 


Regardless of which way you want to look at each design, they all fit the winter/ festive theme.


Our White Lounge Chair and Ottoman for example, fit in perfectly with the snowy winter theme. 


The pure white leather brightens up any room, with the crisp cool look that would catch anyone's attention. Not to mention the level of comfort it provides.

Cozy & Comfy


In contrast to the White Lounge Chair, the Brown 1980 Herman Miller Eames Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman Lounge Seating also gives off that warm feeling in the cold winter season. 


The chocolate brown leather harmonizes with the rich red hue of the rosewood. 


You can really imagine laying down on this classy Eames piece, on a festive winters evening with the warmth of the fireplace and the cushion of the lounge chair keeping you cozy and comfy.


                                                                Inspiring Play


We mentioned earlier that one of our aims for the early new year, is for the sellers on the Eames.com marketplace, to sell more kids toys and furniture!


The Eames children toys definitely have that sentimental factor about it, due to the purpose of their creation. 


Charles Eames always encouraged creative thinking and inspiring play such as model building. This stems from a famous quote he made which was; “Take your pleasure seriously”


This definitely reflected on some of the toys and children's furniture he was responsible for.


Giant... House of Cards



One of the toys that are very well known is the ‘Giant House of Cards’. Same as the standard ‘House of Cards’, but obviously larger. 


We have a detailed segment on this Eames toy in our wiki, but to break it down, this toy was constructed of 8-ply cardboard.


Historical engravings and drawings were combined on the front face of the cards as the design. 


They were manufactured in 1953 but only stayed in production for 8 years, soon after Tigrett Enterprise (manufacturers) went out of business.


This piece is very rare and is becoming difficult to find. As a result, they are seen to be even more of a collectible. 


So if you ever did get your hand on an Eames Toy like this, there would definitely be a lot of sentimental value to the item, there’s no question about that.




                             A Merry Christmas from Eames.com


Eames.com is here to cater to you all throughout the year, even during this Christmas period. 


We have plenty of new news to share with you guys in the new year. But we thought a festive blog post would be nice for you to read, especially if you are a fan of different Eames pieces.


We also want to take more requests in terms of blog post ideas of what you guys want us to talk about, Eames related. 


If you have any favorites from the blog posts we’ve uploaded so far, message us on one of our social media sites (links at the bottom of the page), and let us know which one you liked the most and whether you want to see more!


We hope you enjoyed this week's blog and that you have a wonderful Christmas!


Until next time, have fun browsing!


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