The Eames Dollies (or carts or trolleys) were an integral part of the stacking commercial series called the DSS chairs. The DSS chairs were released in 1955 and were undoubtedly the most mass-produced model of the fiberglass side chairs, with their practical uses seemingly unlimited. But they were also designed so that they could be transported and stacked fifteen high. This would be no easy task without the Dollies, carts made especially for the easy moving of stacks of up to fifteen DSS chairs both to and from a venue.

There were two sizes of Eames Dollies, one designed to carry one stack of chairs and another larger version to carry two. They had grooves for the bottom chairs to stand securely into and were made with one set of wheels that were fixed and one that moved on castors in order to steer. The Eames Dollies are relatively rare to find today, especially considering the number of chairs that were produced.