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Medium Grey 2000s Herman Miller Eames Contract Base Dining Table & Work Tables

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Product Description

An example of an original, used, Herman Miller Grey round Eames ET108 medium sized dining table on classic 4-star contract base, with a rich walnut wood edging. The multi-functional capability of this table is the perfect embodiment of Charles and Ray’s ambition when designing their iconic products.

As part of the aluminum range, this table was part of a large design group sparked during the design and furnishing of J. Irwin Miller’s house. The contract table was designed to be used in the office or as an alternative approach to a dining/café table. The four legs became a synonymous symbol of the Eames Aluminium group and were used across the dining, meeting, and coffee tables they included in the range.

The popularity of the designs’ meant this range has changed little over the many years they have been produced. The versatility of the items means they are not restricted to the areas their names may suggest. It is not uncommon to find these pieces being used as dining tables, side tables, or within offices due to their ergonomic structure and this great example will prove to live up to that esteem.

Individual Characteristics

The table is in very good condition, with no major scratches or marks, and the picture is reflective of this, although further pictures are available upon request. The table is stamped with its factory code ET108 and the shadow of the black rectangular label indicates this table was produced between 1999 and 2008 by Herman Miller.

The table measures 36" in diameter and is 28” 1/2 tall.

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