Name: Plastic Chairs by Charles Eames

Date: 1950

No. Eames Pages: 2 (4 Equal Segments)

Size: 8.6” High x 3.5” Wide

Synopsis: This beautifully crafted product flyer is an early example designed and produced by the Eames Office, on behalf of Herman Miller, for the Eames plastic fiberglass chairs. The small fold out flyer reveals an introduction to the new material (then called Zenaloy) and as prize winners from the Low-Cost Furniture competition run by the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). There are nice photographs of the DAX, LAR and RAR chairs alongside an LTR side table. The reverse has portrait icon illustrations of the dowel leg DAW and PAW as well as the Eiffel DAR. This tiny brochure is a fine time capsule capturing the launch of, and beginnings of, Charles Eames’ most famous of designs.

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