Name: ABC of Modern Furniture (red)

Date: 1952

No. Pages: 39

No. Eames Pages: 14

Size: 9” High x 8” Wide

Synopsis: This high-quality Herman Miller brochure was primarily aimed at reaching out to new customers, mostly within the domestic market. Established, but still in the formative years of mid century design, the super modern work of designers such as Charles Eames and George Nelson were still very new and unusual. This brochure was intended as a hand holding introduction to the new and wonderful available designs by way of full photograph images, relevant summary dialogue and pages intended to give a feeling of what one might expect. The ABC element was used as a ‘easy as 123’ approach with A standing for ‘What is it?’, B representing ‘What are its characteristics?’ and C ‘Where is it used?’ with pages appropriate to the relevant narrative. A classic Herman Miller brochure for the early years of Eames design.

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