Name: Eames Soft Pad Seating

Date: 1977

No. Pages: 12 (4 - Card Cover + 4 Double sided Inserts)

No. Eames Pages: 12

Size: 11” High x 11.5” Wide

Synopsis: A typical late 1970’s Herman Miller brochure grouping specific to a product range, in this case the Eames Soft Pad Series. During the 1970’s Herman Miller still produced the larger binder catalogs for dealers and showrooms but also produced these range specific brochures for those that required focused information on particular products. The product insert pages were uniform in both catalogs and range brochures but with the addition of an outer card cover, in full color, that would hold the inserts inside. This brochure contains four inserts, one for Soft Pad office chairs on castors, one with glides, the lounger and recliner. Each insert is double sided, one side with full technical specifications and the reverse with in-situ photography.

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