Name: Chairs

Date: 1955

No. Pages: 8

No. Eames Pages: 8

Size: 8.5” High x 11” Wide

Synopsis: This product brochure, from the mid 1950’s, was produced at what is arguably one of the peaks of Charles and Ray Eames work. There would still be a lot to come but some of their best early work can be seen in the pages of this publication. The brochure has all the hallmarks of an Eames Office production, with photography from Charles and the familiar Ray caricatures for the Compact Sofa instructions. The page layouts are nicely laid out with full product photo, explanation, and specifications all within individual sections. The brochure is a pre-cursor for the later illustrated catalogs with everything you need to know collated in one place. The brochure features the Eames Compact Sofa, Molded plastic side and arms, Wire series and Plywood chairs.

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