Name: PSC Pivot Side Chair

Date: 1955

No. Pages: 1

No. Eames Pages: 1

Size: 11” High x 8.5” Wide

Synopsis: This single product brochure page, from the mid 1950’s, is for the Pivot Side Chair, or PSC for short. The simple layout contains a nice sized photograph image of the chair and simple technical detail underneath. The PSC replaced the DSW/PSW after it had run into quality problems after launch. The PSC offered a much sturdier, stronger base alternative and added a swiveling version back to the portfolio once more. This brochure showcases the first-generation PSC, with the ‘spider’ Herman Miller base which became more famous with the Eames Lounge Chair Ottoman a couple of years later. The base was replaced in 1957 with the contract base which offered more versatility with the ability to fit both floor glides and castors.

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