Name: The Dash Ninety Nine

Date: 1966

No. Pages: 4

No. Eames Pages: 4

Synopsis: The brochure may only have four pages, but they are pages that capture a significant development in the evolution of the Eames Fiberglass chair. Gone are the removable upholstery pads and all hail the arrival of permanent high quality Herman Miller upholstery with Alexander Girard fabrics. From this point on, and in this style, millions of shells would be produced over numerous decades. There is a high chance that a high proportion of vintage fiberglass chairs seen today have this built-in upholstery, sealed with a vinyl sewn in edging. The dash Ninety Nine (-99) refers to the suffix used on the order form to denote a fully upholstered option. The brochure has a double page inside feature on the development with full color fabric samples on the reverse.

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