Name: Chairs

Date: 1968

No. Pages: 20

No. Eames Pages: 20

Size: 11” High x 8.4” Wide

Synopsis: As the decade drew closer to the 1970’s the style of catalogs and brochures morphed into that familiar style that would carry on right through to the 1980’s. The predominantly white pages, with lower page footers, all containing the Herman Miller name and page product name and photograph images alongside a selection of technical data at the top. This early style example has fold out pages (some to triple width) and contains a great deal of data on all featured models. There are pages dedicated to work focused Eames designs such as the Time life Chairs, Intermediate and entire Aluminum Group. But the majority of pages feature the Eames Fiberglass side and arm chair models, interspersed with photographs, and an updated shell color swatch with upholstery options.

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