Name: Seating

Date: 1955

No. Pages: 2 Sides (Folded Flyer into 10 Equal Segments)

No. Eames Pages: 2 (10 Equal Segments)

Size: 6” High x 3” Wide

Synopsis: This small fold out flyer consists of two concertinaed sides with an unmistakable Eames Office hallmark of the cartoon illustrations seen on numerous early works. The design has an incredibly unique layout of square and rectangular black outlines on a white background. Each segment is dedicated to a single Eames design and each has the product number/abbreviation, small introduction, photograph image and cartoon image. Segments showcase the Eames Compact Sofa, DSR, RAR, DAX, LAR fiberglass, DCM plywood and PKC Wire side chair. This flyer is a really nice example of early Eames Office illustration and graphic design.

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