Name: Eames Chairs for the Home

Date: 1960

No. Pages: 2 (Folded Flyer into 6 Equal Segments)

No. Eames Pages: 2 (6 Equal Segments)

Size: 8.75” High x 4” Wide

Synopsis: In 1960, a series of twelve product flyers were produced, all with colorful eye catching modernist design, produced by George Nelson & Associates with notable input from Irving Harper. Each was designed for a specific product group with this one solely for the Eames Chairs for the domestic market. The flyers were designed for the Herman Miller showrooms and resellers as a means of introducing specific products to new home customers. Each flyer was a letter size card, folded equally by three, thus creating six panels of identical size and shape. One main photograph adorns the inside three panels showing the plywood DCM, Fiberglass DAX, DSX, RAR, Wire DSX, Compact Sofa, Contract Coffee Table and 650 series dining table. The flip side continues the green and blue design with further images and a write up detailing the durability of the designs.

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