Name: Herman Miller EOG

Date: 1961

No. Pages: 12

No. Eames Pages: 1

Size: 11” High x 8.5” Wide

Synopsis: With a striped front cover of both Emerald and olive green, this brochure is part of the Herman Miller set that ran from 1961 through 1963, each one with a differing color scheme. This one is for the George Nelson Executive Office Group (EOG) but there is one page that contains the Eames PSCC fiberglass side chair. Although this catalog is specific to a non-Eames range, we have included it for continuity and so that all the contents of the brochure set are shown. These range brochures are a mixture of artistic and in-situ photography with concise written introductions. The rear inside contains an illustrated guide to the designs along with the dimensions and available finishes. The brochure set includes a separate specification guide and price book for further detail.

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