Name: Herman Miller Light Seating

Date: 1961

No. Pages: 12

No. Eames Pages: 8

Size: 11” High x 8.5” Wide

Synopsis: The Herman Miller Light Seating striped brochure is one that interests enthusiasts a great deal as it contains a great plethora of Eames works. Set with a Sepia and Orange striped cover, this high-quality print brochure was one of a series shipped together within a black carton. All the striped brochures feature the works of George Nelson & Associates along with Charles Eames with this one dominated by the latter. The pages contain artistic imagery, photography, and model numbers but little in the way of additional text or writing. As with all the set brochures, there is an index page dedicated to model illustrations with all specifications and available finish options. The brochure features a great number of Eames fiberglass side and armchairs, with all base types, as well as the Aluminum Group, Wire and Plywood seating.

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