Name: Eames Storage Units

Date: 1951

No. Pages: 8

No. Eames Pages: 8

Size: 8.5” High x 11” Wide

Synopsis: A striking black and white cover is the front of this Herman Miller brochure for the Eames Storage Units, or ESU for short. It is a wonderful combination of full-page photography, in-depth technical drawings, and written introduction to an instantly recognizable range. There is an additional double page for the matching Eames Desk Units (EDU) too. The center pages open out to reveal full color illustrations of the entire range, providing perfect context for every model. Each ESU was available to buy in colored or neutral schema and the range illustrations show both available options. Eames ESU units had their design refined again a year later but would be discontinued in 1955 before being reprised in 1998 with the launch of the classics range.

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