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Welcome to this week’s blog post. There have been a countless number of Eames pieces released over time and some are more popular than others for various reasons. 


One of the main reasons that an item can be more valued is due to how rare it is because of when it was released. Some pieces were released well over 50 years ago.


Because of the various releases of items, the dates remain as an important factor in history. Sometimes finding authentic information as particular as historical dates can be quite difficult. Especially if you are looking to include it in your listing when selling an Eames product.


As a result, in the Wiki segment on Eames.com, we’ve included an Eames timeline page where you can get key information of the significant moments in history for everything Eames related. 


Although Eames.com is a marketplace for sellers to list their Eames piece, it was important for us to create various sources of information that could be used as a tool to make the selling, buying and looking for general information, convenient.

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                                  Timeline Breakdown


The Eames timeline starts from the 1940s and carries out through till the 90s. The Eames timeline covers all product types from Wartime plywood products to the La Fonda Series Chairs.


Side Chairs


On the timeline, there is information like when the Fiberglass Arm Chairs were released. In addition to this, there's authentic information about other fabulous pieces such as the DSR ‘Eiffel' side chair, RSR Rocking Side Chair, La Fonda Side Chair Series and more. 


There are over 20 different side chairs to go through in this segment of the wiki, and each information section provides you with the background information and the history of the piece. 


In addition to this, we wanted to go a step further and provide information on the specification of the item such as the size, what materials were used to make it and also the different generations.


An interesting piece is the Loose Cushion armchair. The wiki timeline states that this was released in 1971, the same period the Secretary chair and the 2 Piece Plastic chair was released. 


The bright yellow version of this product is what catches most people's attention but furthermore, it was the only fiberglass chair to have a separate and removable seat cushion. 


On the alternative picture, the deep blue gives the piece an elegant look, suitable for the workplace market that it was created for.


These are just brief introductions as to what you can find through the Wiki timeline, but we felt that it was important to write a blog post about it as you can then get a taster to the different interesting things you can find on Eames.com!


                                                  Step by Step


You can find your way to the Wiki timeline once you're on Eames.com by selecting the Wiki on the top right-hand corner of the home page, and once you are on the Wiki, there is a category that shows 


‘Timeline'. Once you click that and you're on the timeline segment, you can scroll through each year to find out key information about all Eames products.

As we said previously, we enjoy doing these Wiki informational blog posts as they give you an insight to how to use the right tools to gain more knowledge about what you’re buying or selling on Eames.com.


We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post.


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