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Welcome to this week’s blog post about the group seating segment on our online wiki. Did you know that we not only have a whole section dedicated for seating, but we also have wiki pages which break down the different types of seating? 


While we look at the various specification and historical facts about group seating, remember that our wiki pages that are made for this type of seating will contain a lot more in-depth information.


In the early 1960’s, this is when both of the Eames Group Seating ranges were first introduced to the market. 


The two famous group seating were the Eames Sling Seating and the Tandem Seating Group. Released in 1962 and 1963, they were introduced to the seating market at a time where there was demand for Eames seating.

Tandem Seating Group


The first seating we will take a look at is the Tandem Shell Seating. You might be thinking that this very closely resembles the Fiberglass Arm and Side Chairs, and you wouldn’t be wrong. It’s pretty much an extension of those chairs, designed for commercial areas such as schools, waiting rooms and surgeries for example.


What kind of chairs could be put on this frame I hear you ask? The Tandem shell series was available in Fiberglass Arm or Side shells or La Fonda variants. 


The Eames Tandem Seating was later discontinued in 1989 but still is a popular addition to the Eames catalogue.



Sling Seating Group


Originally these sections were available from 2 ‘bays’ to 10. This seating was designed specifically for public places and commercial use. 


This seating was created to be customizable depending on the purpose and their location. 


This group was also known as the ‘Eames Airport Seating chairs’ and this was due to them being first used in the two airport projects in Dulles Airport in Dallas and O’Hare International Airport.

Buying Tips and Authenticity


When buying seating like these, it’s important that you know ways to define their authenticity. Luckily for you, on the bottom of the pages for these two seating, we have a buying tips guide where you can find many facts on what you have to look out for.


A buying tip for the Sling Seating is that Herman Miller labels can be found on the T-Beam strength bars on the underside of the Sling Seating Modules. It’s important to check for the labels as they can play as a key indicator on whether or not a product is authentic.


According to the buying tips section on our Wiki, quite a lot of Tandem Benches turn up in pieces, always check that if you are buying these that all the pieces are present.




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