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This week's blog post will be slightly different from the recent ‘Informational' posts we have been doing recently. But nonetheless still an interesting read!


                                                                             Event News


We said a couple of months ago that we would be updating you of any events that we will be attending in the future, and so here we are. On the 23rd - 24th March 2019, we will attend in partnership with a couple of the sellers from the Eames.com Marketplace, to the Brussels Design Market 2019.


What is the Brussels Design Market?


This exhibition is the largest vintage design market in Europe with over 7000 visitors expected at the event. In addition to this, the Design Market will welcome over 100 exhibitors with plenty of vintage items to offer.


The event was founded 15 years ago which originally started as being a flea market, trading products from the 1950s to the early 80s. 


Today it's known as one of the best events in Europe that are dedicated to the vintage design of the 20th century. 


The vintage design market will be held in the very famous building known as the Tour & Taxis, home to the "Largest Belgian cultural events, shows and fairs".



Eames Revival and Vintage Design will be the two sellers from the Eames.com Marketplace that will be there with some extraordinary pieces.


A few pieces that you may find from these sellers at the exhibition are various types and generations of Lounge chair and Ottoman, many different colored Fiberglass shell chairs, a number of tables and many more!


                                                                         Eames.com Support


As these two sellers trade on Eames.com marketplace, we felt that it would be a good opportunity to partner up with them for the event for a number of reasons.


We have been writing blog posts regarding the Wiki on Eames.com as a tool that can be useful when it comes to buying Eames pieces. 


As a result, we felt that it would be a great idea to implement this tool, face to face! Think of it as a ‘Face to Face Wiki'.


We understand that before you try and buy the pieces, you may want information on the history of the piece, or even some technical information about what material was used in the making of particular furniture.




There will be plenty of different furniture types where the names of them are rather long, and so they have abbreviated lettering such as ‘DSW, DSR, RAR’. 


You may not be aware of what these abbreviations mean. You may want to know the differences between the LCW and LCM and what they stand for.


This is another reason why we thought it would be beneficial for a couple of members from team Eames.com to be there to assist you further and answer any questions which should make it an enjoyable and insightful experience.

                                                                    Event information


Address: Sheds, 3 & 4 - Tour & Taxis, Avenue du Port 88, 1000 Bruxelles | Time & Date: Public Openings: Saturday 23rd March: 10AM - 6PM | Sunday 24th March: 9AM - 5PM


(Click the map below to enlarge image)

                                                                          See you there!


After the exhibition, we will upload a post-event blog post where we talk about our favorite aspects of the Brussels Design Market 2019. 


We will include a number of pictures and cover factors about the atmosphere, most popular pieces and also answer some common questions that we were asked.


If you are attending the show on either of the days, be sure to come over and say hi! We look forward to meeting you.



We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post.



Until next time, have fun browsing!



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