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Welcome to another blog post. As you know, Eames.com is a marketplace for Eames pieces, however, our ambition is to provide you with more than just a platform to buy and sell your Eames products.


We wanted to create a tool that could easily be used to discover new product information or history about a certain item. 


As a result, we created the ‘Wiki’. On this segment of the website, we have many different categories for you to discover knowledge from.


In the Wiki, we talk about factors such as shell colours, seating designs, timeline, labels and much more. 


They cover a variety of different aspects regarding each product, their history and other authentic information.



One of the categories on the Wiki page is ‘Articles’. This page provides references to sub categories such as Shell Arm Chair Generations, Lounge Chair Generation Guide, Model Abbreviations, Alu Group Classification and more.


Understanding Eames Patent Labels


Each sub category holds key information about a particular product or a time in the Eames history. For example, ‘Understanding Eames Patent Labels’.


We know that these labels on a product is a sign of authenticity and having the label on a product actually helps it to hold more value, but sometimes it’s hard to understand what the content on the label might mean.


Not only did we previously release a blog post about different Label types, but this labels information page on our Wiki Articles, will help you to understand dates, numbers and wording on the labels.

Model Abbreviation


There are many different types of Eames seating. 


Most of which have some kind of abbreviated name such as DSR, DSW, LCM, LCW and many more. 


We understand that although you may know what some of them translate to, there may be some products where you may not have heard of that abbreviation before.


As a result, on our ‘Model Abbreviation’ page under ‘Articles’, we have a ton of different Eanes products with abbreviation and underneath, we have the extended meaning. 


This could help you when it comes to buying a product you’ve seen on Eames.com where it’s abbreviated. 


Although our sellers usually have the full wording of the product, we felt that it’s a helpful page to have, should you ever need it.


                                                  Generation Game


Loungers are undoubtedly one of the most popular Herman Miller Eames pieces to exist, but since the release of the first edition back in 1956, there have been an additional 4 more generations of lounge chairs that have been released over the last few decades.


Team Eames.com felt that it would be beneficial to have a specification section dedicated to the infamous Lounge Chair called the ‘Lounge Chair Generation Guide’


This segment talks about the generation game and overlooks the specification of the Eames Lounge Chairs across the different generations. 


This is also a sub-category that can be found in the ‘Wiki Articles’ page.

                                                    A Few Easy Steps


There are plenty more sections within the Articles page in the Eames.com Wiki, but we just took you through a few to give you an idea of what it’s all about. 


It’s very easy to get to the Wiki whether you are on a mobile device, iPad, Tablet or Laptop. Simply head over to Eames.com and on the top right-hand corner on the red banner, will be a link where it says ‘Wiki’. 


Click on this and it will take you directly to each sub-category that you can choose from.

We will be doing more of these Wiki informational blog posts which will hopefully give you an insight to how to use the right tools to gain more knowledge about what you’re buying or selling on Eames.com.


We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post.


Until next time, have fun browsing!


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