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We hope you’re having a great week! Last week, we released a blog post about the different workplace seating and how the Eames.com Wiki, provides all the required information about workplace and office seating.


A couple of the chairs that were discussed was the Alu Group High Back and the Alu Group Low Back Chairs. As we mentioned in the post, this week we would be looking at an article on our Wiki, specifically talking about Eames Alu Group models.


Clarification through Classification


Have you ever looked at an Alu Group chair on Eames.com Marketplace or anywhere else and were overwhelmed with the different letters and numbers which represent the model number? Or more so, what are the differences between the Alu Group chairs other than the model number?


The purpose of the article about the Eames Alu Group Classification is to give you in depth-factual information about each Alu Group model, and so this blog post is a little introduction to the article and where you can find it! 


You might even find it useful if you’re looking to buy or sell and Alu Group chair.

                                              Compare and contrast


There can be a lot of confusion about the numerous models. While there have been certain changes made throughout the years on the different chairs, they ultimately follow the same ethos, which is to provide comfort while being equally as beautiful to look at.


This was a very popular piece which was initially released between 1957 - 1965.  The first ones were the Alu Group Recliner 683 which started with no arms. Soon after, the 684 was released and like the 683 models, it had a Pedestal Base, but on this model, there were arms.


Going through the timeline to more recent years, in 2011, the EA322 was released. After all those years, it still had the same features of the very first Alu Group Recliner and Ottoman, which was Reclining Tilt & Swivel Chair, Head Pillow and arms.


The only difference with the more recent models is that they now have Universal 4 and 5-star bases. The Alu Ottoman is the same in that on the first model, it was using a Pedestal Base, whereas now they have 4-star bases.


Left (Image courtesy of D Rose Modern)

Left (Image courtesy of D Rose Modern)

Soft Pad High Back Chair - Differences between EA219 & EA437*


One of the main reasons why the Soft Pad High Back Chair is so well received is due to the comfortable neck support. The EA219 was the first model to be released which had features such as Tilt & Swivel and it also had arms. However, the only difference between the 2011 EA437* and the EA219 is the bases.


The EA219 rests on 4 Star Universal Base on Glides, whereas the EA437* is built up of 5 Star Universal Base on Castors. Another reason why they earn so much respect is due to them keeping the model designs identical throughout the years.

There were seven models released for this particular chair. The last model to be released for this piece was the EA313 and the EA314, both released between 1973 & 1993.


The EA110, EA314 and the EA114 were the only Alu Group Lounge chairs created which had the ‘Swivel' feature.


Although none of these Alu Group Lounge chairs had arms as you might expect from a lounge chair, they were all designed for the workplace environment which meant they all looked sophisticated and kept their ultimate feature of being very comfortable.


Now you should have a better idea of what each model consisted of! This was a taster to our actual article page for the Alu Group Classification which can be found on the Wiki section under ‘Articles’, (you should totally check it out).


It might be something you could use when it comes to buying or selling an Alu Group Chair on the Eames.com Marketplace.


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