The post war years of the Eames Office will always be remembered for amazing plywood furniture designs including chairs such as the DCM and LCW. But the newly developed, tweaked and perfected molded plywood material would find many more products besides furniture to be used with, one of which being Eames audio equipment.

The stability and relative lightness of the molded plywood was perfect for audio equipment and this gave rise to the Eames Radio Enclosures. Various Radio manufacturers were keen to utilize the new low-cost exciting designs, and many were produced over a 5-year period. There is also good reason to believe that Gramophones were also designed during this period too, but this has sadly never been confirmed outside of collector’s circles.

A decade after the success of the Radios and the Eames Office was once again commissioned to design enclosures for Eames audio equipment. This time, in collaboration with Stephens Trusonic, they would produce some beautiful designs for their high fidelity and high quality home speaker systems.