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Elephant Hide Grey 1949 Zenith Plastics Eames DAX (& Variants) Arm

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Product Description

An extremely rare find. This is a 1st Generation Zenith Eames arm shell chair in the highly coveted elephant grey colour and on an original black DAX base. The wonderful nature of these early shells is that each are distinctly unique and this particular example is no exception with its deep colour still proudly seen.

The earliest shells from Zenith were, in many ways, the experimental phase in the shells’ production. The first generation rope-edged shells were only around for a couple of years before the mould was changed. After this, a multitude of embossed logos, labels and different sized shock mounts found their way under the shells until they found a standard format which was used by Summit Prime and Cincinnati Plastics.

Individual Characteristics

The distinctive colour has remained strong but has been adjusted slightly by the addition on a gel coating that has been liberally applied by the previous owner/s. This is rather noticeable on the back of the shell, though it should be possible to ‘clean it up’ through some gentle application of acetone.

Its rope edging and remains of the checkerboard label help indicate this is a first generation Zenith arm shell.

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