What a Year…


I don’t know about you guys, but a few of us here at Eames.com are still stuffed from Christmas! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and you got a chance to put your feet up and relax with your loved ones.


As 2018 comes to an end, we wanted to release our final blog post for the year where we will look at the highlights for us. We also want to remind you guys of what is to come so you can share the excitement with us!


More of You Guys!


The followers on our social media platforms for Eames.com is increasing on a daily basis. Whether that be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Regardless of the platform, we are grateful for all the support we get on the content that we put out for you guys.


It's important for us to tailor our material and make it specific to what we are about. We like to read your comments and the personal messages that we receive which allows us to know what our audience would like to see more or less of. 


We feel that along with nice pictures, it's important for us to articulate the caption with a brief introduction about a particular Eames piece and a link to our website, where you can access specific product information.

                                                           A Few Highlights


2018 has been a busy year for Eames.com and an objective we set ourselves at the start of the year was to engage with our audience more. 


You guys, the ones reading the blogs, liking our pictures, sending us messages, using our marketplace. But we wanted to do more than just reply to a few direct messages and comments (Which we love doing). But we wanted it to be an easy process for you when buying or selling an Eames product. 


We knew that there weren't many websites where a lot of knowledge was provided on different pieces, and if there were, it was hard to know whether that information was authentic. 


So we revamped our website that we have been working on for over a year and provided that facility.

New Eames.com?


The changes included adding tools such as the Wiki where it would make it convenient for our users to gather in-depth information when buying or selling from or on our marketplace. 


When selling your Eames piece on Eames.com, we have made it an easier process due to the filtering system that we have input. Meaning that you don't have to know a huge amount about the product that you’re selling in order for your listing to contain the right information. We take that responsibility and do most of that for you.


Blog posts are something we have been looking forward to doing for a very long time. 


It's just a great way for us to keep you updated on the latest trends and topics that correlate to Eames.com. 


Plenty of you lovely people have taken a liking to our weekly blog post releases and so it's something we will definitely keep doing in the new year!



Traveling to Trade Shows


Another way we wanted to engage with our audience is to actually go and see them. This is through going to trade shows and events. 


This year, we went to the Amsterdam show in April and also the trade show in Berlin. Both of the events were a success and we met a lot of you who we had been speaking to on our social media pages!


We really enjoyed it and we know many of you guys did too, so in 2019, we do have a number of events lined up already which we will inform everyone about closer to the time through our blog posts and various social platforms. 


We cannot wait to showcase the Eames products that are sold on our marketplace!


If you know of any cool vintage/furniture trade shows that are coming up in your country or city, feel free to contact us if you want to see us there. 

What to Expect…


We have accomplished our main objectives for 2018 as we mentioned, but next year we want to go bigger and better. 


In addition to our weekly blog posts, we are working on a few projects to kick-start our YouTube channel


We mentioned in previous blog posts that although it's great to see pictures of the products in our marketplace, it's even more pleasing to see them from particular angles through high definition videos. 


We will also use samples from these videos on blog posts, and also content for our social media.


ending-2. NEW

                                                  Thank You


None of this would have been as much of a success as it has if it wasn't for our buyers, sellers, readers, and followers so we want to take this opportunity to thank each and every single one of you guys for the support you have shown Eames.com this year. We are excited about what is to come and we hope that you are too. Be safe and have a very happy new year, from everyone at Eames.com


We hope you enjoyed this week's blog


Until next year, have fun browsing!



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