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We understand that when you come to buy Eames furniture, there’s a lot of things to take into consideration, which can occasionally make the process a little stressful. You have to think about things such as; authenticity, reliability, rarity, generation, cost and many more factors. We recommend that you research and understand the information about the item, so you know exactly what it is you’re buying.

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Wiki Assistant


Two items may look identical, and they both may look like the item you are searching for, but then they both have different prices. This is can be due to the differences they both have in terms of specification. We know that researching and reading information takes time and sometimes you just want to buy the item without any hassle, so here at Eames.com, we’ve tried to make it as convenient and as simple for you, as possible.


Although the description section under each item covers the basic information about the product, we felt that it was important to create a separate segment on our website called the ‘Wiki'.  This is where we could break down the differences between each generation, the material of certain items and also talk about the year that it was created. 


The Wiki categories, such as Eames Seating or Eames Tables, will allow you to understand the differences between products while providing in-depth knowledge on each piece type, whereas the description section will provide you with the essential knowledge about the particular product you are looking at.


Our guide


In the next part of the blog, we will take you through a step by step guide and explain each stage, which will make sure it’s quick and easy for you to purchase the items that you are wanting!

Step 1 - Account Creation


Creating an account on our website will not take you any more than 30 seconds. The benefits of also creating an account mean that you can opt in to sign up to our newsletter. And yes, we have all been there, where we sign up to something and we are constantly spammed with things that have no relevance to us. So we are fully aware that no one likes or wants to be spammed with unnecessary information.

 Therefore we will tailor our newsletters to provide you with information we think you might find useful! Whether it's about the products in our marketplace we think you may be interested in, events near you that we may be attending to, or just blog post uploads about topics that can help you. Like this one!


Step 2 - Browsing to buy


So you’ve created your account with a strong password that you’re going to remember and now you’re looking for the item(s) you want to purchase. You find the piece you want from the Eames marketplace and then you read through the description.


This will help you to confirm that this is what you are looking for. There will be 5 bars underneath the title which will suggest the condition from; Poor, Fair, Very Good, Excellent and Mint Condition’. 


The product description will enable you to know how ‘used’ the product is, if at all. Whether the item has a label on it, which can suggest the generation and alternative information regarding the history of the item. The description will also provide the basic specification of the product.



Wiki Step (If you need more information about what you are buying)


As we were saying earlier on in the blog post, we’ve provided a ‘Wiki’ segment within our Marketplace to help you even further when it comes to you being informed with product knowledge! 


You don’t always have to use this, but we wanted to make sure we are assisting you from every angle possible. Once you have figured out the item(s) you are wanting to purchase or even if you need more information before you head to the ‘checkout’ stage, our Wiki should provide you with the answers and reassurance that you may be looking for!

Stage 3 - Check Out


Hooray! So you've filled your basket and you're ready to check out. This is a very easy process on Eames.com but we will take you through it anyway. 


Your item(s) will remain in your basket for 10 minutes, once you're onto the checkout section. So we advise that you have your bank and shipping details ready! But not to worry if you need more time. 


There will be an option that will appear once your 10 minutes is up, and you can select "I need more time" which will give you an additional 10 minutes. See, I told you we were trying to make this an easy process for you!


  • Delivery/ Collection - This section is where you will input your shipping details. We advise that you double check this information so any shipping errors can be avoided.


  • Billing Details - Ensure that the bank details are correctly inputted, along with the appropriate billing address that matches the bank card you are using. Alternatively, if you are using PayPal, log in with your details to proceed with the payment.


  • Review Your Order - Once you have completed the shipping details along with the billing details, this section will give you a brief summary of the products you are about to purchase, the location it is being shipped to as well as your billing details. Once you are happy with all the information in front of you, confirm your order.

Stage 4 - Final Stage


Now that your order has been placed, we will send you an order confirmation via email, which will also have the seller’s information, should you need to contact them. 


Shortly after your order has been placed, allow some time for the seller to process your order and once they have done this, they will provide you with tracking information on when your product will arrive.


AND THAT'S IT. You have placed your order in the Eames.com marketplace in 4 easy steps! Our aim is to simplify information about every product and to make it an easy experience when it comes to navigating and purchasing around our marketplace. If you do have any following questions, feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page and contact us through our social media pages and we will try and reply as soon as possible.


We hope you enjoyed this week's blog!


Until next time, have fun browsing!


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