Happy Easter!


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You may be looking at the title and thinking “How does Easter relate to Eames?” and we had a little think about it and switched it around and asked the question of “How does Eames relate to Easter?”. 


We took the approach to focus mainly on the time of year it is and what it means.


When we think about Easter, it's the time of year for new beginnings and spending time with friends and family, not forgetting all the Easter eggs involved. 


However, the time of year Easter is, is during spring.


Spring Colors


When it's spring, you get that breath of fresh air, you find all the blossoms on the trees, and the flowers and plants in your garden start to come back to life. 


All of a sudden, your surroundings are full of color again. The greens, blues, oranges, pinks and many more.


Color is one of the most significant indicators of it being spring and Easter, and we felt that color plays a huge part for and the pieces in our Marketplace.

Fresh Green


One of our favorites is the popular Cadmium Green Fibreglass Side Chair. This piece is very well known and often mistaken for the Kelly Green which was a little darker. 


Although this color is not particularly rare, our Wiki page suggests that it is very desirable. 


When you think of spring, you think of the bright greenery, and nothing resembles that better than this great Cadmium Green piece.



Bright Blue


During the Easter Spring term, usually the weather is kind to us, and there are hardly any clouds in the light blue sky. 


We like to think the refreshing blue is like the Cobalt Blue Fibreglass chair on


This great color sits perfectly in the middle of the very light blues and the darker ones, making it a unique Eames piece. It's very desirable, and we would say it's quite rare!

Orange and Brown?


Unfortunately, we aren't talking about Chocolate Orange Easter eggs, but the Orange 1960s Herman Miller Eames Side Chair with The Maple DSW ‘Dowel' base. 


The deep orange complemented by the dark brown base gives the piece character and makes it a vibrant piece for any household. 


This item is available individually or in sets on marketplace, all in excellent condition.



Spring Yellow


We cannot finish off the list where we suggest our bright shell colors without giving the Ochre Yellow Side Chair a mention. 


This is a 1950s Herman Miller Eames piece with a stunning and unique color of fiberglass. This chair can be used as a dining chair or even placed in your living room as a statement piece, but one thing we can assure you is that it can brighten up any space. 


Over time, the Ochre Side Chair has been a success and is still very popular to this day.

                                               Offers and Discounts


Due to it being Easter and Spring, we've acknowledged that while you may be clearing out and looking for replacement pieces when spring cleaning, it's also essential for us to tell you about any offers that are taking place on the marketplace.


Our sellers who are selling the pieces we’ve spoken about in this blog post on marketplace, have reduced the prices down from some of these items so you can now purchase them individually or in sets, at a discounted price!


Before you check out, if you would like to know any information about any of the pieces above, do not hesitate to message us on any of our social media platforms, or search through our Wiki tool which is very easy to use.


We hope everyone has a great Easter Holiday and enjoy the spring weather!


Until next time, have fun browsing! 


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