Privacy Policy

At, we take the privacy policy very seriously. It is important that we make our users fully aware of what our policies are and what the practices mean. We take great care in the fact that this is your personal information, and as a result, we will allow our users to make the decision of how the information that they provide, is used by

Our Privacy Policy breaks down the different practices for This policy does not apply to the practices of third parties (including other members who sell using the Services or API users) who may also collect or receive data in connection with your use of the Services.

Choosing what you control

We have taken into consideration that individuals within our community appreciate having control over their personal information. As a result, provides you with the option of how you want us to contact you as well as allowing you to share, remove and edit specific information.

While we allow our users to selectively choose what details to provide, we also require specific data that enables you to proceed with using the website. Following up on registration and setting up your account, we would need you to provide us with a valid email address as well as your name that represents your identity on Depending on the service you choose to use, we will require additional information such as your shop name as well as your billing and payment details.

Analytical Information

We use your activity on our website for analytical information. This could include data such as your location, how often you use the site, the length of time you spend on the website and any errors or debugging you face when buying or selling. We use this performance data to ensure that the website is running smoothly for all of our users and that it is functioning efficiently at all times. This is because it helps us to understand the opportunities for improvements we have, which will, in turn, enhance your experience on We do not link this information anywhere, but we store it within our analytics database for future improvements.

Information Security

Your personal information is handled with care and the security of your account is important to We ensure to protect your private information from the moment you create an account with us and all throughout the transition stage of you adding and removing details. Your account with us will be protected by a secure password. This will ensure that your account is protected from any unauthorized access. Therefore we encourage you to choose your password carefully and keep the device that you are using, secure. You can do this by ensuring that you sign out after using our services.

Data Retention will retain your personal information for as long as your account on our website is active. (i:e, for as long as you are a member of As previously mentioned, we will need certain information from you so we can provide you with the services you wish to use. If you no longer want to use your information for any reason, you may close down your account. Should you be involved in the completion of either a sale or purchase on, we retain details of this sale, for the legally required duration, regardless of the account remaining active or being closed.

Withdrawing Consent

You are able to withdraw your consent us using the information that has been provided as well as your use of the services at any time by closing down the account permanently. This is providing that your account does not have any unresolved cases, policy violations, unpaid bills and unfulfilled orders. You will be notified by email upon account deletion. Once your account has been deleted, this is permanent and your account cannot be restored.

Privacy Policy Amendments

We may make changes or update our privacy policy from time to time. But if we feel that these changes will impact you in any way, we will send you an email about the changes, or update you through website blogs, or notify you when you next use the website.  We encourage you to regularly check back to see if any changes or updates have been made. Furthermore, if you are unsure or have any questions about any changes to our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Details on how to get in touch with us can be found through our contacts page.

Data Disclosure will never sell data of any of its community members. We may disclose your personal information if we are required by law to do so or if you violate our Terms of Service.


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