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Elephant Hide Grey 1950 Zenith Plastics Eames DAX (& Variants) Arm

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Product Description

Possibly one of the most coveted examples of the Eames fiberglass series. This all original, 1st Generation Zenith Elephant Grey DAX dining armchair is stunning. Dating back from 1950, this arm shell chair has seen a lot but is in exceptional condition considering this with its deep fibrous colour remaining!

The first-generation shells, as with everything, are the most desirable examples and, of course, the best condition ones can carry rather high price tags. Dating back to 1950, the fiberglass series began with these beautiful, fibrous, examples that are most notable for their rope-edge finish, formed from the moulding machine used and the large round shock mounts underneath.

The later examples lost these as ne moulding techniques were introduced and as Herman Miller became more involved in the production process which eventually saw the shells have smaller shock mounts and various stamps and logos on the underside.

Individual Characteristics 

The shell remains in good condition, although as with age, some areas have darkened or have faded- further images are available and we recommend you request them before purchase. With this zenith shell, it has no major visible cracks and some age-related marks that are expected for its age. 

The original silver DAX base displays a natural patina expected with age but is as sturdy as the day it was produced.

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