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Black 1980s Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman Lounge Seating in very good condition

Very good condition


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Loughborough, United Kingdom

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Product Description

This is a used, vintage Herman Miller Eames lounge chair that has a deep crimson cherry wood panelling, with a smooth-grained appearance. Combined with a sumptuous black leather cushions, it creates a beautiful blend of classic tones, and the reddish pigmentation of the cherry wood conveys luxury as it replicates the original rosewood pattern and texture.

This original 1970 antique Eames lounge chair works wonderful in any environment; whether you want to renovate your living room by adding a statement piece, or for ease and comfort of your office, this black & cherry Herman Miller Eames will serve that purpose just right.

Individual Characteristics

This Eames lounge chair is still in excellent condition. Remaining true to its vintage element, there are some signs of age, such as subtle surface scratches on the cherry wood, as well as some minor scratches on the black leather cushion. Further images are available upon request. The chair remains at an original size, with standard height.

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