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Wooden 2010s Herman Miller Eames DSW Dowel Side Chairs in very good condition

Very good condition


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Loughborough, United Kingdom

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Product Description

This is a beautiful wooden version of the iconic Eames shell chair series. This, original, Herman Miller, white ash side shell on original black DSW dowel base is a stunning example of the crossing over of design style. Utilising the moulded plywood techniques, this refreshing change to the shell series is gorgeous.

The Eames’s set out in the early 1940s to produce this moulded plywood chair. This interest in wood-work resulted in their aiding with the war effort by producing splints, but after the war was over they could get back to their dream; the moulded plywood chair. Their concerted efforts produced the gorgeous and incredibly comfortable plywood selection, the LCW, DCW, LCM and DCM. These iconic chairs were the closest they could get to their dream.

In ways, this helped with the production of the coveted fiberglass shell chairs, being a more pliable material. Their fame saw them be re-introduced in the 2010s and, as a result of their recent success Herman Miller produced these special versions finished in either walnut, ash or their premium santos palisander plywood.

Individual Characteristics

As a newer, used, chair the condition is a little worn but overall it is a good example to own. There are some light marks and scuffs on the shell and its base but some small amount of cleaning will help tidy these up.

The sticker on the underside of the shell indicates it is a newer example of the Herman Miller produced chair.

This variant has the rather unique wooden shock mounts creating a novel way of maintaining a consistent finish to this beautiful shell.

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