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Sea Foam Green 1958 Herman Miller Eames DAX (& Variants) Arm Chairs in very good condition

Very good condition


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Product Description

An excellent example of an original seafoam Eames arm shell for Herman Miller sat upon a silver ‘H’ base. Seafoam shells always age in distinct ways, but this particular shell does show more of its age through its fading.    As one of the original colours seafoam is a well-known and very popular colour for the Eames shell chairs. The distinctive features which aid the colour of these shells are the wonderful fibers that can be seen spider-webbing through the shell. The density of these fibers helps to distinguish the age of the shell – the coveted rope edge version, for example, are richly textured with swirling fibers.    Being one of the first original colours, somewhat understandably, this seafoam shell is a great example of the first versions of this famous design. They are much sought-after and are highly revered pieces making them excellent investment pieces.   

Individual Characteristics

The images show that the shell has retained a strong pigmentation but does have signs of fading.    This shell is in great vintage condition with no chips or cracks whilst the bold colour has not faded over time.    The original label and stamp have come off however the H base helps us know that the chair ages from 1958-1959 as this late ‘H’ Base was only created in that time frame.

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