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Wooden 1942 Evans Plywood Products Eames War Time Leg Splint Wartime in very good condition

Very good condition


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An entirely unique opportunity to own a piece of Eames, and indeed second world war, history with an incredible full original box of US Navy plywood splints from Evans Products, 1942.

This incredible original package contains not only the impossibly rare outside original box but 6 fully wrapped and untouched splints inside!

Famously, this leg splint was designed by Charles Eames and fellows, for Evans Products of Santa Monica, for the war effort. It was commissioned and put into use from 1942. The Eames Office also designed a stretcher too which was not put into commission as well as seats and flaps for aircraft, all for the war effort.

Individual Characteristics

A degree of wrapped splints became available around the collectable market following the closure of old army storage where they had sat for many years. However to find an original full packaged box wit hits full contents inside, is near on impossible

The original box is complete and structurally sound despite its age, has some marks on it as you may expect. The 6 wrapped splints inside are perfect.

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