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Wooden 1980s Herman Miller Eames Universal Base Dining & Work Tables Dining Tables in very good condition

Very good condition


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A rich, deep walnut original Eames and Herman Miller round contract table is in used but good condition considering it is from the 80s! The deep wood tone of the top looks fantastic on the dark grey and silver steel base which creates a great table that can easily be used as a dining or office reception table. Born from the development of the Aluminum Group, the tables produced by the Eames’s were commonly found in office spaces, but, as with many of their designs, the tables could be used with any space in mind.

The popularity of the designs’ meant this range has changed little over the many years they have been produced. The versatility of the items means they are not restricted to the areas their names may suggest. It is not uncommon to find these pieces being used as dining tables, side tables or within offices due to their ergonomic structure and this great example will prove to live up to that esteem.

Individual Characteristics

The deep walnut wood veneered table top is in a rather used condition and will only require a clean to restore its look. It shall have a clean before it is dispatched, but some further care may be required.

The base also reflects the table’s age but is still strong and sturdy.

The label on the underside indicates of the table indicates it is from the 80s.

The table is roughly 72cm high and is 105cm in diameter.

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