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Blue 1960s Herman Miller Eames DSR Eiffel Side Chairs in very good condition

Very good condition


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Loughborough, United Kingdom

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Product Description

A gorgeous combination, this lavishly upholstered orange and blue checker original Eames and Herman Miller orange side shell is finished in an updated Alexander Girard designed fabric which works effortlessly with the deep orange of the side shell itself and looks fantastic on the used, newer, black DSR base.


Individual Characteristics

This is a great example of a very unique finish. Most upholstered shells utilised either white, black or greige shells but occasionally stunning pieces such as this were produced which use coloured shells with selected upholstered finishes. This particular piece is a great re-condition piece with no cuts, tears, cracks or dents.

The ‘C’ with the star logo on the underside of the shell indicates this shell originates from Herman Miller’s Cincinnati factory.

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